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In 2012 I wound up on Laguna Beach, California. I had recently ditched the 9-5 corporate job in Sydney & needed a change in my life.

It was a small day for waves, not really surf-able on a shortboard so I jumped on a big old foam SUP & had a blast. I caught so many more waves & had so much fun trying this new sport out with my friends! It opened my eyes up to the sport, having always looked at it from a shortboard perspective, wondering why you’d be on one of those things…

This then lead me to working for a SUP company in California. Here I learned about shaping and which materials were ideal for what boards.

Upon moving back home a few years later I have carefully developed the PPC SUP range in a way I see fit for anyone getting into the sport of Stand Up Paddling.

My view on Stand Up Paddling is that ANYONE should be able to enjoy the experience of being on the water. I have designed a range of all-round SUPs to do just that –  aid the level of complete comfort thus progressing faster…

My BIG passion is surf SUP since I’m from a shortboard background…

I have been working for the last 5 years tweaking & adjusting the designs/materials/construction of the PPC surf SUP range to a level that I’m completely confident to say, whatever kind of rider you are & whatever the conditions are doing, you’ll be having a blast. The 4 shapes are, performance, all-round performance, fun board & long board SUP… this is not to say the range wont expand in the future… this is the start of the 4 surf SUP models which make complete sense to me.

Foiling more recently has become somewhat of an addiction as its made terrible conditions I wouldn’t have gone out in previously FUN & scary! I started with SUP foiling & now I’m on the prone board, for me that’s the ultimate in foiling right now. You can duck dive your foil… how cool is that?

SUP to me is about FUN after all its how it all began & I’m still getting so much out of any board I jump on.

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